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In Clifton Park, New York, OB/GYN Dr. William Anyaegbunam has helped women experiencing infertility concerns realize their dream of becoming a mother. He has an absolute understanding of the science behind infertility treatment, and he understands your deepest concerns. 

Dr. Anyaegbunam knows that the decision to seek medical treatment for infertility is not an easy one. As a husband and father, he approaches your situation with the compassion and sensitivity you’re sure to appreciate.

Dr. Anyaegbunam educates his patients about the most common causes of infertility as well as the wide array of assisted reproductive technology options available to you, including intrauterine insemination. Couples who rely on his comprehensive infertility services will receive highly personalized care. He will identify the source of your conception difficulties and develop an individualized treatment plan.

What is Infertility?

Infertility is a disease that affects the ability to conceive a child due to a malfunction of the reproductive system. It can afflict both women and men. Approximately 12% of the population experiences infertility.

In women under the age of 35, infertility is defined as the lack of ability to conceive after unprotected sex, or the inability to carry a pregnancy to 40 weeks, after a period of greater than one year (12 months). For women over 35, infertility is diagnosed after six months.

Infertility Treatment Options

From conception to delivery, Clifton Park OB/GYN Dr. Anyaegbunam will help prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy. You can increase your chances of conception and of sustaining a successful, safe pregnancy by addressing common factors that affect fertility. Dr. Anyaegbunam will order the basic infertility work-up to start the process. This may include:

  • Blood test to ensure ovulation is occurring
  • Ovulation induction treatment
  • Fallopian tube testing to ensure they are open
  • Semen analysis for your partner

If you are considering in vitro fertilization, Dr. Anyaegbunam will prepare you for the procedure and refer you to a nearby facility.  

da Vinci Robotic Surgery

Certain conditions such as endometriosis, hormone imbalances, abnormal bleeding, and other gynecological conditions can interfere with fertility. The da Vinci robotic surgery method can be used to treat these conditions. It is an innovative, minimally invasive platform that allows gynecologic surgeons like Dr. Anyaegbunam to operate with precision. 

Dr. Anyaegbunam also uses this high-tech procedure to perform robotic tubal re-anastomoses (tubal reversal).  

The da Vinci procedure reduces hospitalization and recovery time while leaving only minimal scarring from tiny incisions. Complications after surgery are drastically reduced with this revolutionary method that utilizes 3D images, allowing the surgeon to guide the robotic system. The pinpoint accuracy of da Vinci robotic surgery allows for improved patient outcomes and drastically reduced pain.

For more information about fertility treatment options, request an appointment online or call Complete Women’s Care of Clifton Park at (518) 881-1888 today.

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